What is a Levelling Compound?

Levelling Compound is a cement based compound that is designed primarily for producing flat or level surfaces to a concrete substrate. Levelling Compound is the preferred product due to its economical & productive properties of allowing finished surfaces to be laid almost straight away (within 24 Hours) unlike concrete, grano and sand & cement screeds which can take up to 30 days to cure! Types of Levelling Whether it’s a slab that needs to be levelled or a slab that requires being flat, Suretec is the answer to all your cementation underlay or overlay requirements. We can even achieve ramps if required!

Advantages of Levelling -

  • provides a flat & level substrate
  • very fast application (large areas can be achieved in a short time)
  • extremely fast curing times (accepts foot traffic within 2 hours of being installed)
  • floor coverings can be applied the following day
  • eliminates the need for sand & cement screeds
  • protects your investment in floor coverings

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